The short answer is no, you should not put suction cups on tinted windows. Depending on the material used for the tint, sooner or later, the surface will be affected. If the material is thicker, the suction cups may have less of an effect on it compared to cheaper materials. Still, suction cups are not recommended if you have tinted windows.

There are many reasons why drivers might want to put suction cups on their windows. Sometimes, they’re used for phone holders so that people can easily check the GPS routes. Other times, suction cups are used to secure window sunshades, particularly during hot days.

But what do you do when you have tinted windows and want to put suction cups on them? Should you put suction cups on your tinted windows? This is something many car owners ask themselves.

We’ve got the answer for you, so this article will tell you whether putting suction cups on tinted windows is a good idea or not.

Do Suction Cups Damage Tinted Windows?

Over time, suction cups can cause damage to tinted windows. The power of the suction can lift the film, and it will become visible.

Window tint will be marked or damaged as a result of suction cup application. That’s because the suction can be quite strong and the bond of the adhesive to the glass will weaken as time goes by.

The cups will also leave a mark on the tint, and while it may not sound like a big issue for now, it will start bothering you once it happens.

There have also been cases when certain suction cups melted. This can also cause damage to your window tint to the point where you will need to have new window tint applied to your car.

What’s even worse about using suction cups on tinted windows is that they may void the window tint manufacturer’s warranty. So, if you want to benefit from your warranty, you should refrain from using suction cups on window films.

Besides, another disadvantage of using suction cups on window tint is that they may attract thieves, especially if they believe there is a GPS or radar detector in the vehicle. However, if you are coming from overseas, please notice that radar detectors are illegal in Australia, so there is no need to use suction cups for them.

Other Things Should You Not Put on Tinted Windows

Suction cups are not the only things that you should not use on your tinted windows.

For example, you should not use any ammonia-based window cleaners. They can dry out and lighten the film, damaging it.

It may also be a bad idea to put stickers on tinted windows. Tint is applied on the inside of the window, whereas most stickers go on the outside. But if you want to apply any indoor stickers, you should think twice. That’s because you may damage the film when you’ll try to remove those stickers.


As you can see, suction cups should not be put on tinted windows as they can damage the film and void the warranty of the tint. So, it’s best to look for other alternatives for your phone holders or window sunshades.