Remove blemishes, scratches & swirls

Paint is measured in microns and can be less than a millimetre thick. Because of this, most people believe the only way to bring shine and clarity back to damaged paint is to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have the vehicle resprayed.

In most cases, this is just not true. With the help of our extremely talented professionals, we can make that tired and worn paint look just as good or sometimes even better than a freshly painted car.

Car Paint Correction
Paint correction on a hot rod

What is car paint correction?

Paint correction uses a combination of sanding and polishing techniques to remove blemishes, scratches and swirl marks from your vehicle’s paint. The correction process removes microns of damaged paint to remove existing imperfections in the paintwork. This process is extremely delicate and can’t be rushed, with special attention given before the application of any ceramic coating.

Is it hard to correct the paint on a car?

Paint correction is an intense and intricate process that requires finesse, the correct pad and polish combinations, the right machine selections, depending on each panel’s shape and size, bright even lighting—and, most importantly, the experience and knowledge of the best techniques and methods required to ensure swirl-free mirror finishes. The wrong choice can cause even worse imperfections and scratches, which can damage the paint to the point of no return.

Detailer performing paint correction
Rotary polisher
Paint reflection
Hand polishing car
Truck polishing
Glass Protection on a Range Rover

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