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  • Up to 96% IR heat rejection
  • 99%+ UV protection
  • Up to 92% glare reduction
  • Shattered glass protection

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Automotive Window Tint

Keep your car feeling cool and looking great

Carbon Car Tint

Our entry-level carbon film is the best in its carbon class and has been a customer favourite for over ten years. It is available in a full range of shades.

Ceramic Car Window Tinting

Ceramic window films are currently the best products available and are twice as effective at reducing heat when compared to traditional carbon films.

Invisible Automotive Tinting

Our exclusive invisible tint range is a clear 70% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) ceramic film capable of stopping 96% of IR heat and 99% of UV rays.

Coloured Automotive Window Tint

Our exclusive coloured window tint range is available for those customers that really want to make a statement. Perfect for much loved hot rods and custom cars.


Factory privacy glass isnʼt window tint and doesnʼt perform or protect you and your passengers like window films.

Privacy glass is died during manufacturing to give the rear windows a darker look to add privacy to occupants and cargo in the rear of the vehicle. Most manufactures privacy glass measures somewhere between 40% and 25%.

Privacy glass doesnʼt stop UV and heat like window tinting does and actually radiates more heat into the rear of the car due to the black glass absorbing more heat then clear glass.

The reason front windows are left clear is because in some countries and locations around the world it is illegal to have anything other then clear glass on the front windows of cars.

Since the introduction of factory privacy glass the darkest legal limit in all states in Australia has changed.

The new darkest legal limit on rear windows of passenger vehicles is now 20%. This is so clear protective window films can legally be applied to factory privacy glass to give you and your passengers the best possible comfort and protection.

If you like, our installers can tint over your factory tint with a premium-grade tint film.

Unsure which car tint you need?

Call us and we will help you to choose the right automotive tint for your needs.

5 stars

100+ Five Star Reviews

Highest Rated Car Window Tinting in the Hills District

Car tinting that stands the test of time

Highest quality films from the best car tint manufacturers

Sun Protection
Blocks 99% of the suns damaging UV rays.
Eye Glare
Blocks up to 92% of solar glare and bright lights.
Heat reduction
96% heat rejection so you don’t ‘feel the burn’.
Sun UV Rays
UPF 50+ rated to protect you and your family.

Enhance your car’s appearance

Professional automotive window tint installation

Tesla Window Tint BeforeTesla Window Tint After

We are experts at keeping your car cool and adding the finishing touch to the overall look of your vehicle, not to mention helping to improve its resale value. We offer several different products and shades, so you can choose exactly how you want your car to look. We have years of experience with cars from major manufacturers and also speciality cars like Tesla electric vehicles, BYD Atto 3, hot rods and custom cars.

All of our films will protect your vehicle’s interior from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Our extensive range of the best window tint for cars means that we will always have the right solution for every customer.

If your vehicle already has window tint installed which is in need of repair, we can remove your old window tint before installing new film.

We go above and beyond to minimise risk to your vehicle during application. We limit the need to remove any door trims or panels to ensure that no clips or trim pieces are damaged in the removal process.

We consistently use every possible protective measure while cleaning and applying film, including the use of micro fibre towels and ropes to stop water from seeping into dangerous areas of your vehicle. We also cover delicate door trims with protective plastics to eliminate any risk of water damage or marking and our professionals are skilled at preventing dust bubbles from forming.

How long it will take to tint your windows will depend on the size of your car and the number of windows being tinted. You will be able to roll down your windows after 48 hours, and you can rest assured knowing not many other window tinting services will take the same level of care with your vehicle as we do.

Holden Clubsport Before TintingHolden Clubsport After Tinting
American Standard Window Film
Window Film Association Australia

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Nick Cawley
Nick Crawley
5 stars

Dave did a full ceramic paint protection on my Ranger Wildtrack and it looks amazing. It’s so easy to clean now. His work space is super slick and his knowledge and attention to detail showed with the end result.

Nick Cawley
Andre Moreitz
5 stars

Firstly, they know their product inside out and offer excellent value for money. The service was personable and genuine. They were excited to tint this particular model of car and really knew their stuff.

H. Dayananda
5 stars

Top quality service & products. Dave knows what he’s talking about. I was able to go through all the options for tinting my new car. Very satisfied with the ceramic film and the application was literally spotless.