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Window tinting is an excellent solution if you find yourself getting hot and sweaty, suffering high monthly energy costs, regularly fussing with the temperature gauge or simply becoming burnt from the UV rays entering your car, home or office.

Window film can prevent harmful UV rays from entering your car, home or office plus they also block around 84% of solar heat. By blocking these elements you will reduce eye glare and minimising fading of your car interior or home/office decor.

There are a variety of different films available, some for specific purposes, we have provided a useful guide below to assist with your decision making.

Types of film

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Window Film Product Range

Darkest legal

If you would like the darkest legal tint in NSW professionally installed on your car then give us a buzz. We know NSW laws and can ensure your tint complies.

Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic window films are currently the best products available and are twice as effective at reducing heat when compared to the traditional style carbon films.

Privacy Glass

Stop strangers peering into your home or office. Dark privacy films give the best energy savings with the highest amount of heat reduction of all films available.

Safety Glass Film

Protect the things that matter most. Safety films protect against accidental impact by preventing breakage or by holding broken glass in place.

Decorative Film

An increasingly popular choice, decorative films can turn any window into a feature while giving you that extra piece of privacy without totally cutting out precious light.

Anti-graffiti Film

Anti graffiti films are useful for protecting your glass against acid-etching, scratches and gouges. Popular with street-level retail spaces and public buildings.

Not sure which window tint you need?

Get in touch with us, and we will help you to choose the right tint for your needs.

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Nick Cawley
Nick Crawley
5 stars

Dave did a full ceramic paint protection on my Ranger Wildtrack and it looks amazing. It’s so easy to clean now. His work space is super slick and his knowledge and attention to detail showed with the end result.

Nick Cawley
Andre Moreitz
5 stars

Firstly, they know their product inside out and offer excellent value for money. The service was personable and genuine. They were excited to tint this particular model of car and really knew their stuff.

H. Dayananda
5 stars

Top quality service & products. Dave knows what he’s talking about. I was able to go through all the options for tinting my new car. Very satisfied with the ceramic film and the application was literally spotless.

Cheryl Fenton
5 stars

Had our kitchen and family room done. Wish we had done this years ago, both rooms are so much more liveable by reducing glare and heat. The installers were prompt and professional, highly recommended.

Jamie Wehbeh
5 stars

These guys are the best – competitive pricing, professional service and super friendly, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Keep up the great work David and team – thanks for the awesome car-tint job!!

Aman Chand
5 stars

I’ve had tinting done in the past and thought I was getting a top quality tint and application, until I met Dave from EverClear. Blown away with the skill and attention to detail, not a single short cut was taken.

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